What Health Reform Means for Seniors in America

What Health Reform Means for Seniors in America

·        President Obama participated in a telephone town hall today with AARP members.  He spoke directly to seniors and answered their questions about what health care reform will mean for them.

·        The formation of Medicare was a remarkable achievement that has helped seniors live longer, healthier lives, improved their financial security, and given everyone peace of mind.

·        Today, the spiraling health care costs are threatening Medicare, and our entire health care system.  Unless we act, the Medicare trust fund will be in the red within a decade.

·          Efforts underway to reform our system will not prevent America’s seniors from getting the care they need. Reform won’t cut corners to cut costs, because that doesn’t work: for example, we know that people who discharged from the hospital too early often end up having to go back.

·        The United States currently spends a significant amount money that doesn’t actually do a thing to improve anyone’s health.  That has to end.

  • Reform will emphasize prevention and wellness – instead of spending billions on costly treatments when people get sick, reform will make sure people receive the care they need to stay well.
  • Reform will computerize medical records, so patients don’t have to take the same test multiple times because health care providers can’t access old results, or relay their entire medical history every time they see a new provider.
  • Reform will make sure doctors are rewarded for the quality of care they provide, not just the quantity of procedures they do.
  • Reform will eliminate billions in unwarranted subsidies to insurance companies via the Medicare Advantage program – these giveaways do nothing but boost insurance company profits.
  • Reform will close doughnut hole in Medicare Part D that’s costing people so much money.
  • Drug companies have already agreed to provide deeply discounted drugs – that means thousands of dollars in savings for millions of seniors who currently paying full price when they can least afford it.

Jenn Brown
State Director
Organizing for America, Minnesota

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